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Kid-Safe / Women-Safe Communities

Kid-Safe Communities

CMAC is committed to helping martial arts schools make a positive difference in their communities, and our Kid-Safe Communities program is a great way to do this, while setting your program apart from all others.  That’s why we created Kid-Safe Communities and encourage faith-based martial arts schools and instructors to become certified in this important safety programs.  CMAC contributions in excess of those required to cover operating expenses are used to fund Kid-Safe and Women-Safe outreach endeavors through churches, schools, and community groups throughout the United States.  

Jesus said it was better than a millstone (hung about the neck of an individual) be thrown into the depths of the sea than for that individual to cause a little one to stumble in their faith (Mark 9:42).  The rise of crimes of violence (especially sex-based crimes) against children is at epidemic proportions today, and the Church needs to take a proactive role in helping train parents and children how to recognize the tricks predators use to lure potential prey and teaching them how to minimize their risk of becoming a victim.  

Using a fun, interactive format with children, we expose common predator lures and use humor to teach proactive defensive tools while sharing faith-filled message of hope, as the ultimate “Kid-Safe” decision any child can make is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior.  Parents who might not darken the doors of a church on Sunday will bring their children to hear this important safety message, and allows the church an opportunity to showcase their ministry programs and share the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

Women-Safe Communities

Women-Safe Communities continues on the advocacy work of Kid-Safe, but with a focus on helping teen and adult women reduce their risk of becoming the victim of a rape, mugging or sexual assault.  Through education and danger awareness training, coupled with practical self defense applications (should escape not be an option), Women-Safe consultants have the opportunity to teach these programs both in their martial arts studio as well as in local schools and at community outreach events.

The Women-Safe program is great for women’s groups, corporate groups, or community outreach events hosted by churches or faith-based martial arts schools as an evangelism tool.   Many women who have been victims will come to these programs to gain a sense of empowerment over a devastating event, and mothers will often bring their daughters so they will become more aware of the dangers they face in an increasingly violent society.

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